Present History. — The illness began five years ago with head-
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labors for the state or town in the poorhouse, all his earnings are taken ; he is iu a
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was performed too late, incurable blindness closed the scene.
Tumors of the Ovaria. — These are of frequent occurrence, generally arising from
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iodide of potasrium, a small (juantitj of the suspected salt should
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It should be a duty of all laborers in any employment, whether mechanical or.
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it is most likely to be confounded is anchylosis of the stapes.
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late Senior Physician to the London Hospital. — ^This paper
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often, too late, too much or too little? painful? have they stopped, or not com-
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the original ii^nry, aa a substitute for enucleation of the globe. The first case
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As has been discussed in Case II, the problem of desensitiza-
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have a water sprinkler attached to it, to lay the dust upon the road. This invention
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of the cardiac orifice of the stomach, and the lower part of the oeso-
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Fever ; Croup, Asthma, and Expectoration of a thick, watery, white, yellow, bluish,
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address. Ten days later I met him in the street, and was shocked
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one was taken during the presence of an infection, which may
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It was said that he had caused the affection by masturbating
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protracted celibacy, (more common now than half a century back,) to bad fashions
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and induces consumption ; and this is the most general way in which the disease re-
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prevent the determination of the blood to the head, and equalize its circulation.
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The next division of the industrious class is into that in which the employments
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acquainted. Lying thus closely packed together, they next
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shown by chemical investigation that phosphorus absorbs and requires light for its
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nostic of death, from its surrounding the body, is false, the malignity of the disease
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familiar downward progress. The question whether it is the
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calls, all determinations being made during digestion of the
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AVhat the sap is to the tree or shrub, so is the blood to the human system. This
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and the reason why the albumen transudes is clear. Dr.
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Six times by phthisis balbi of traumatic origin. Direct injory to
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quite turgid, and putting himself out of breath by his exertions and
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as an unadulterated article from the cows fed on the slops of distilleries.
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situated in the interior of the river-bordering cauntries/'
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treatment, while at times a choice is given between several methods in the


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