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acts upon it and increases the mischief. If a man does

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are required for ventilation as well as lighting and lighting

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at the eyes weakness in the back and loins and losing

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Surgeons know that some have regularly instruments passed

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one rule viz. that both doctor and nurse invariably communicate in

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Lastly the oi ans of the senses are impaired from these occu

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that the conditions described here are caused by disease

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may afford relief while in poisoning the washing out of the

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of professor of the principles and practice of surgery. This position

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age of six months they were all emaciated and showed oedema

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lated there will be no inflammation nor pain present on

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gation was used less continuously. Dr. Haggard thought his patient

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dulled by his intoxicated condition that much more value can always

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Causes. An immoderate flow of the menses or true uterine he

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like that still existing but most ancient type the Limulus or King

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tendencies to relapse. With a thorough renovation of weak

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of our public institutions the inmates are from the lower walks of life

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menstrual flow Sennert mentions menstruation from the groin

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without any definite arrangement. The cells infiltrate the tissues crowding

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staining a smear or by animal inoculation. In other forms the fluid is

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of the lungs and sometimes we have no doubt with decided advantage.

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Du Bois Reymond from a study of his own case concluded that his

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direct attention to the kidneys even though albumin be absent from

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scarlatina both eruption and fever decline more slowly.

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from the application of cold to the surface from fatigue from

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raised when the foot is planted and allowed to droop

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the corpuscular typical form of new growth as a result of

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great deal about the effects of this or that stimulus a great deal

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the patient s temperature and general condition have entirely passed

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amount and put in a clean vial or ointment box. Smear

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presented a characteristic rash about the bottom some

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operations to the intracranial complications of suppu

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As is well known there is much difference of opinion among physicians as

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digestive system for instance is a case in point. It

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