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elements derived from the thymus, viz., Hassal's corpuscles and

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a slight escape of blood takes place, and it is raised with difii-

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dysfunction and significant renal disease, CEFOBID dosage should not exceed 1 -2

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trazodone hcl

fore, the surgical treatm^t should allow ample time for the subsidence

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entering the house in winter, after a walk. An interval of at least five or ten min-

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The eyes are usually covered with mucus or foreign material.

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conditions are sometimes regarded and described as a " second

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way; he must have a deep, narrow feed box, and throw up his head to

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was well isolated, the bacilli were found in less than 10 per cent of the

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continued should be noted, strong sedative Uniments should

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on the side opposite the lesion in Farquharson's case ; on the same side

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the cornea, where heat is always the better application.

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cal remedies, while the internal medicines generally used, only per-

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Here, again, it does not take a specialist to make this examination, but

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cardiac pathology in adult life, and an attempt is here made to apply the same methods

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climax of the fever the pulse numbered only 90, and was

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through a tube, we produce a sound analogous to the human voice, by

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211. Tracing from the hind limb of a spinal dog during the scratching move-

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slow, and any mistake made, either by accident or other-

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way should be done as quickly as possible. It is especially important that

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affected rather than any other part On examination at

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Under the auspices of the National Association for the Study and

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(though horses docked short generally carry the bes!

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turies after Albert's time. A ready idea of Albert's

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weaker than yesterday ; tongue shows some disposition to

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gress more rapidly than at the rate of one pound a week ; and it

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disease among nis cattle or on his premises, or has in any way, by intentional act

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otherwise become applicants for their position, and at-

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droplet may be gone over with the oil immersion lens while the cover

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