ready eye and ear and finger to mark any change and
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and the nature of the communications, whether vehicular roads,
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udder, the hair being directed upwards, on the outside
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Fully one-half of the ventral lobe of this lung was similarly affected. One of
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vancement, an incubus on the active and aspiring spirit of the age.
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wandering about for centuries past, I will here relate my own
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mark, without failure, we shall be liable often to over-
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A final chapter upon Cysts and Tiunours of the Jaws
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1 There is now. in the seventh week after the ( . . , slow return of tactility and
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cases, their tendons act like cords which maintain the joints in their
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upon this subject in his somewhat systematic " clinical " lectures. The subject,
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It is the popular idea, however, that the water has spontane-
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A great and an injurious mistake is made by some Bible exposi-
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evacuations, besides other injuries she had received by
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pounds of blood, which, forcing its way behind the left kidney,
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dation for a couple of hundred students each, would go far to solve
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a leukocytosis of as much as 23,000, the former with the polynuclears, the
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longed to the section to which any paper might be referred,
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the pupil will be found in an amaurotic state. The udder be-
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and fixation of the left ovary, with tenderness behind the
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certainly be superior to the requirements at present demanded
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the soleus; voluntary adduction was almost impossible; the tibial
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well as instructive essay, and was responded to by Drs. W. J.
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tained by a study of cross-sections of the sciatic of these same
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without any loss of blood, whatever. In this way the thorough
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peristaltic motion of the bowels that the operation of defaecation re-
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that anterior poliomyelitis may occur in utero is open to doubt. That
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and in the various movements of the body, it will be seen
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"over the chest in a friendly scuffle. The blow was slight, and yet it
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Amputation of the Thigh; with a Report of Five Cases. Dr. J. F.
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1. The manuscript of all such papers must be in the hands of
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having its centre in my salon, there are one hundred miles
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lateral Sciences. By Chapin A. Harris, M.D., D.D.S., Prof, of the
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