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Adams-Stokes syndrome. According to Lewis, if standstill of

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mechanical applianceH, I have oidy this lo nay ; Y«<u

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fifteen years which did not appear before the period

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is, that it is well not only to economise the dose, but also to dilute the

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has proved harmless. Close, badly-aired buildings (as town

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distribution of their lesions a topographical disposition

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when it is direct, can be ascertained with least disturbance to the

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Anatomy — 1. Locate the principal groups of lymphatic glands. 2.

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Vannod {Centralhl. f. Baderioh u. Parasitenk., Jena, 1907, May 23

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severe, even fatal, wounds of the viscera on tbe left

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as chalk, starch, dry oatmeal, dry tea leaves, or dry sago. Constipation is

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a great portion of our countrymen to form an estimate

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Miller, of New York, in his excellent essay on yellow fever, refers to

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Among intestinal sedatives tablets of bismuth subcarbonate and subnitrate,

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ren's grandmother was stated to have died of consumption, but with this ex-

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Chemical Methods in Gastric Diagnosis. The role of chemical

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in the left side of his face and head, which was his

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symptoms is, as a rule, impossible. A careful exami-

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fallen into disfavor and disrepute, his personal influence and popularity alone

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checked by the placing of these sutures. Some gynecologists who see

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Roentgenograph ic Studies in Gout. C. W. McClure, M.D., and E. D.

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of the Continental muskets, any of the Continental ammunition

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the stomach by suction will save time during passage of

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the circumstances, even the gospel could not make that

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weight and vision. In this report it is pointed out that in the first

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which can be quickly dispoeed of. Symptomatic treatment by drugs

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li'g, and. If broken, these Syringes can be repaired on the spot

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er the day before ; anu when heat had gaii^ed the victo-

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wardly, before the comma bacillus has been absorbed,

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refer to the change of color of the sputum. Traube ' was prob-

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are amorphous ; but the agglomerations which they form are some-

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religion of Christ. I am well pleased with their having the mind

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in horses fed entirely upon corn. Oats, clean and bright,

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our people, from the suckling babe at the breast to extreme

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