this zone is covered with a grey necrotic-looking pseudo-membrane.
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contained large areas of caseous material. -To Judge from the macroscopic
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at birth, due to mucus in the nose and throat; (2) choking attacks
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torsemide drug class
Silver Seal Policy — the “buy-word” of the nation’s physicians. General Agencies in
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Carcass No. 7. — The entire postpharyngeal space was occupied by a large fibrous acti-
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of beef heart. Thus, antigens and the serologic re-
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Carlton, Charles E Stoutland Harrell, Roosevelt E Lebanon Peckham. John W St. Louis
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"rained liy previous operations. Toliofraphic maps indicatiii-^' the sur-
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the inner aspect, involved almost the entire thickness
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Regulation 1. — No cattle, sheep, swine, or goats shall be exported from the United
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Suzuki, T., Burrows, M. T., and Burns, J. E., Studies on the growth of cells
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geal and submaxillary regions. Both were encapsulated and contained a greenish pus.
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The multiplication of a living virus in the body of an animal, the
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upon a diet which was calculated to bring them as nearly as possible
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all rendering establishments. Evidently considerable care is exercised by the manage-
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lividity of the back. The pupils are equal and slightly dilated. The abdo-
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other, to the spider-web like cell. If there was only
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ling can be condemned and destroyed. Imported meats must be in-
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mination of treatment it was plus 48 per cent. Dur-
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Carter-Shannon 9 F. Hyde Eminence W. T. Eudy Eminence
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tumor from which the disease had extended to the adjoining pre-
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than one office at a time. (See, however, see. 17.)
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fiiMi.tii.nat.s ill assiM-iatioii xvitli IIm- sn-.-all.-.l visual .-.-nt.T, which rr-
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valves at the thickened regions al)Ove the insertion of the chordae
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Apidi.'ation of these laboratory results has been reeently made in the
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injected into the left lateral ventricle and 10 c. c. into the peritoneal cavity
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just beneath the endothelium. Some, however, are situated in the
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tkese iiinseles eontia.'t and .'anse tke leir to ke<-oMie .'xlcnded as in kiek"-
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rinfiton.'' They ohserved the behavior of two antairoiiistic imiseles
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23. Thomas, G. E., and Garrity, R. W.: U. S. Nav. M. Bull.
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doctor, is concerned with various theories trying to
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the country's best horse market, and there are three large cities and
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of discussion. Some of the statistics closely parallel
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eventually arrived at from the cultures of the exu-
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culture will give said establishment a number by which all its meats and meat-food
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had been poured or injected into the nostrils. Two characteristic
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Sarcomatous Tissue in vitro. Jour. Exp. Med., 1915, XX,
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anesthesia a laparotomy was performed and 5 c. c. of a milk culture of B.
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iiaiii.-lv. til.' laiti.' :i. i.l. ^Iiidi w.' kin.w is i,. a. lily ...I Imuh -Inc. .so, may lireak (Imvii
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