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ing, in tlie best surroundings, togeiner wnh every means

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elbows, scalp, and face in patches of various sizes. The

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pectation of pecuniary reward. He always manifested as deep

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lung was readily detected, whilst the absence of pneumonic

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When the existence of some acute affection of the chest is declared by

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monitis, and, contrary to a very general impression, it rarely precedes the

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laboratory instruction in Chemistry, Histology, Pathology,

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5. Affections which involve loss of corpuscles, or hemorrhage, viz.,

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not in contact with any other portion of the body than the lin-

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pulse and tremor are felt above the clayicles ; and symptoms of

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or some form of opiate given per enema. Fomentations or a small blister

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The treatment has reference only to the prolongation of life and the

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He would first present a brief sketch of the case, drawn up by his

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he was a worthy descendant-; precisely sudh as they, in the ardor

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Diseases of the Eye— Edward Jackson, S. D. Risley,

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port the doctrine of communicability. But surveying the facts on all sides,

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took a strong interest in the success of the revolutionary strug-

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native tendencies and results ought always io characterize the

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work to an essay of Dr. J. F. Mason, of the Smallpox Hospital, of

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although sufficiently cooked on the outside. Meat abounding in trichinae

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parts of each medicament, is also supplied in ounces.

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tion of the parenchymatous structure. Death may take place, on the

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wards, known as "Dr. Barton's fracture;" which he had known

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severe depression imipramine thyroxine phenytoin

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It is thus seen that the foregoing subdivisions of General Pathologj^

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(1) Mills — The Nursing and Care of the Insane, " i.oo

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Gasb ly. — ^A woman, aged about twenty-nine, entered May


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