The difficulties in the way will be found in the competition of money-

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Pregnancy had not taken place ; her menstrual periods in their

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in reference to the needed reform ; and she has consequently a duty

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its use, the more especially by gentle inhalations during the severity of the

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It now became easy to explain the various acts of ingestion,

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freshing juices. Thus, in every region, nature points out to

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an expert in surgery, and his testimony on a point of surgical practice

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by their use, " the pulse becomes fuller, stronger, and regular, and

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Antimonial. It is more liable to leave a red tongue and aug-

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or Man. Hence the enormous sale of nostrums that u must not be

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pure atmosphere is furnished, — which is the case the universe

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and the information given to the mind is as correct as though the latter were

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This interesting paper will soon appear in the transactions of the Acad-

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duced during fermentation, and of itself volatile, though less

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with caries of the head, and necrosis of the shaft of the hu-

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After the first application it is not only no longer painful, but

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organ. The form of the ulcer is funnel-shaped, with the point

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has prevailed without exposures of this kind. The same may be said with

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From statistical results, founded upon experiment, what, may now

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The report of Drs. Axson and McNeil on the origin and spread of the

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usual," judging, as they did, merely from appearances, —

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that side. On further examination, the left testicle was also found

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hours, in the same condition as if the spinal marrow had been

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disease extended and assumed the character of an epithelial, car-

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ished. By opening the bowel opposite the mesenteric attach-

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be identical with Desfosses' dulcarin. The solanin, which

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In consideration of the foregoing case, and observations, the

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the head of the femur in morbus coxarius, which terminated fatally. The

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any evidence of damage to the left lower jaw, or to

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Considerable quantities of quinia and cinchonia are found to

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of her : " During a visit to New York, the young poetess, having

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are not at all insulting. They are quite ready to steal a march

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the ipecac and cretae prep., may be given ; or the Hope's mix-

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school of medicine, shall have the prevelege of sending two delegates. The


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