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temperature which may be encountered when using tuberculin.

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leave, say a passage of three inches in the vagina, and had

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track is enclosed by either ordinary park fencmg, or by

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carried into the wound, but none of the leather. The back of the

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rule, only in patients between ten and twenty years of age.

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sary action by the aliment we receive. To say, then, that the bile

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tions of the ether particles ; and subjectively upon the sensitiveness of our retina

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equally agreeable under suitable circumstances, their objective

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of Use of the Hot-air Treatment of Bone and Joint Affections."

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osteotomy and excision were convalescent in the pretty

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resistance of the air, supposing them to be moving with like rates

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Basin. In Omaha, Dr. Gitford has -ecu 6 cases, in 1 of which a pure

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The patient having been placed in the hospital as before, he was again

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does not materially affect the efficiency of the instrument provided


dialysis; method of making an artificial pupil which

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packed and then shipped upon flat-boats to Xew Orleans.

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very doubtful if Su^ruta meant any native white arsenic by it. The

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persevered in, as I feel quite sure that, if Congress could

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able lectures have made the spinal forms familiar to the whole profession.

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Consequently, a poison like syphilis may lower the vitality and diminish

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But when here what has the invalid or the wearied person for

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as seemed most suitable to his condition. Injections of nitrate of silver

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of travel and commercial intercourse did not succeed in barring all

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One point of difference between saturnine general paralysis and the

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The conclusions that I would with all diffidence suggest

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altation is a feeling of hurry that is always a part of

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which period the most minute precautions are necessary. Several

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ilance, and is with difficulty pulled out. Peu l took

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3. Said board should consist of stockmen and veterinarians.

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by the semiflexed position of the limb ; the upper, or outer, or dis-

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in m.any instances act as an insurance against its further activity.

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ed both as a clinical record and a practical guide to the surgeon.

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ing of the legs, under the abdomen, muzzle and other parts of the body;

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