clinical results, such as those cited, are to be considered. The

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a cloudy precipitate. During the period just stated, if the chlorides be

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in the background; on the other side, the astronomer with his telescope and sky map against a

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of the cord, and covered by its amniotic layer, the latter be-

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36. Iridectomy m Glaucoma. — Mr. T. Wharton Jones, in the late edition

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relieved the deafness and other catarrhal symptoms in the ear, but the

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College; C. M. Davis, president of the Kingsley-Bames & Neuner Printing Co.;

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understanding was had of the possibilities that might

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extensor surfaces of the forearms, and may be mistaken for rheumatic

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sleep ; if, for instance, the family meal is from six to

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while in the other days and weeks may pass ere we dis-

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acting on the colouring matter of the bile in the alimentary canal.

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caused much difficulty in discovering its neck. The stricture being

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altered in color and consistence for several days, becoming

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favors it, because it increases vascular tension. Ergot is only

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In bringing the subject before you this year, it is

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The animal was then fed a mixed diet until Oct. 8, after which the food was

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The next case is one who was in my service at Jefferson Hos-

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wiped off all l)lood. and tore each wart into quarters,

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passing the os uteri ; then to subject her to a short,

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Men nowadays made the diagnosis as a habit. To him,

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told that Cambyses must have known something of the internal structure of

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])endicitis, with recovery. Tr. N. York M; Ass., 1894, xi,

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and shining like so many particles of ground-glass.

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f Lumbar puncture was performed by the house physician before the

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disease is liable to recur, in which case death has generally followed

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details here as to how shock affects the organism. That

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sometimes it occurs secondarily to similar disease of the uterus or rec-

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an appearance very much like that of the tertian parasite, but smaller.

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sented abnormal signs in the heart, such as murmurs and

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than tlie dog, the animal with which we most frecjuently associate

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by its power of converting sugar into lactic acid. The article known as


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