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successive lengths of tube lie almost concentrically one within the other
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drink. Then if possible we try to find a stronger mo-
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membrane has a grajdsh-red, velvet-like appearance. The mucous
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did not rally for some hours. However, in the follow-
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sides, that is, dilatation with hypertrophy of both ventricles. There
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On examination of the abdomen a svi^elling can be palpated in the
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ers a concise view of his plan, premising, that the species have
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there was found very extensive purulent peritonitis, and pleuropneumonia. The
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Dr. Briggs, of Liverpool, said he had operated on ei.ghty-
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dividual. In healthy adults, after a period ranging from a few days to two
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may be either increased or absent over a cavity. Pleuritic friction and
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proteins are so similar that they may all be conveniently termed
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if not entirely ceased to spread, that arsenic should be resorted to. If
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stomach was made. Resistance was encountered just above
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of life at which they are most frequent is from the second
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eyes of 128 inmates of the New York Institution for the
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for the adult cord, and disturbing the relations of the
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some form of urinary antiseptic, such as hexamethylenamine after opera-
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lJHO grammes, which had received an intraperitoneal injection of 5 c.c. of this same
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use of such subsidiary agents as have been recommended for nerve section.
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tangled a few epithelial cells, the sheddings of the surface layers of the
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goat fed with the same tuoerculous lung, died sixty-five days after


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