their "infidelity" in the "regular-bred" nonsense led
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wear immediately before going into the operating-room.
sulfasalazine (azulfidine) classification
Todd & Bowman (article sleep), instituted upon this cataleptic, and not
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used under the circumstances under which it was used here, but I
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to accomplish the daily class work of Company Three — forty minutes
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there may be no fatty degeneration of the myocardium.
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ger' collected fifty-one observations, in which chloral had
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ness of his life, touching the righteousness of the
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rapidly. ' In other cases — the nature of the body introduced into
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On the plains of the eastern part of the state, 1891.
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tation of metals into gold, and he confidently predicted by
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mente, aut movente cognita, aut iii fenfus incurrente,
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and third weeks (most frequently the tenth to the twenty-first day).
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articles to be carried are given in Appendix No. 56 of the Medi-
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recurring convulsions of a chronic epileptic indicated ursemia
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investigators think that the myriad cellular effects of Tax
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other possible infecting organisms. Every now and then one is
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' The Library of the Essex South District Medical Society
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done on the right eye at once, as the only means of arresting-
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patients and professionals. Preference will be given to pro-
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the occiput is placed in the liollow of the sacnim, and the forehead
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Marij Copeland, aged sixteen; September 24th. — This patient
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their concurrence and assistance I proceeded to open the abdomen.
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dually, with complaints of languor, lofs of appetite,
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Other recollections blend themselves with the name of
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P. E. Howes, of Boston, on the "Practice of Obstetrics." He
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complication, peritonitis in pneumonia is not so rare as the literature would
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insane pavilion :it Bellevue, only better than that — an
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gome when under-done ; boil with horse-radish in the water,
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and night. A temj)orary break took place on the 17th, and
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arthritis medication sulfasalazine
allowing a few drops of urine to pass occasionally. If tliis does


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