gathering of Trades and Labor Congress in Guelph, what she had

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the bran gluten and the bran phosplia'es, so ; bers admitied in lb63 were 1,5.37; in 1864,

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the o-astrp-iutestinal canal, and on that of the air-passages, as well

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great clot. Begin by applying a large compress to the suspected

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oxen working on the streets infected others, the disease

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bulging over the auricle, and frequently the pulsa-

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nurse ; that the great obstacle to the use of cow's milk is not the insolubility,

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between these foci the interstitial tissue is apparently normal. The glomerular

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d n' will be a shadow of a b thrown by a pencil of rays diverging from x'.

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be a ( piper,' ( roarer,' 6 whistler,' or f grunter,' accord-

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days many cases of intermittent fever. It is to be regretted that

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This peculiar, if not studied neglect, must be ascribed

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No figures can be more convincing. Typhoid fever the world over has about

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trod off a human body. These bodies, to appearance, seemed as if

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logists and expert educationalists may play their part in the movement towards the diagnosis,

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tained that the circulation of blood through the part is ob-


were, among the 56,000,000 German population in the thirteen years,

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cells, not common in the first stage, are now frequently present.

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coldness of the extremities to extreme rigor, followed by great heat of the sur-

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A nick was then made at each quarter, a uterine dilator

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as James Borthwick of Stow, Alexander Pennycuik of Newhall, and Christopher

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motor centres or with the conducting paths of the cere-

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to the way in which the feet are put to the ground. As

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vessel had already suffered from yellow fever in the "West Indies. His

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convinced himself of the communicability of at least the form

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Soap Liniment. — Opodeldoc. A very useful applica^

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or that of a sinus of the head. 2. The escape of blood from the

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carpet was bought, and from motives of economy, the

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any apparent disturbance. Sometimes, but not constantly, the subcutaneous

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totle conflicted with those of the church authorities,

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