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medical schools, although army and navy examining medical boards
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ing to some authors it is a common occurrence in hemi-
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their children, and to inculcate on the latter ' Thomas Hunt, M. D., President of the
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successful experience that is commensurate with a child’s
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public institution, particularly if it harbors those for
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Of course it is quite possible to combine the cooling effect with
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by the medical adviser, of the danger of sudden excite-
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led *^han a piece of :ripe. This I am sure is more unnatural :
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say at once that I consider my cases to belong to the class of
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sight, avoids his fellows, and hides in dark corners. The symp-
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complaint — cause unknown." I am aware of only ori^^post
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1. The superiority of the modern method of ligature with catgut, cut short
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eases. It also pointed out that under this plan, the treatment of
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Calc. for C20H25ON2CI.HCI: N, 7.35; CI", 9.31. Found: N, 7.40; CI", 9.38.
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tinuous suture is as follows : For uniting longitudi-
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correct, it would seem that we should not concern our-
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later); third, in corroboration of the views entertained,
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and typhoid fever, and less frequently in scarlet fever, minute necroses
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the increase was found to be more in the transverse direction.
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in electrolysis. To introduce these substances electrolytically
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A careful study of the clinical history of a large number of
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could be felt at the ])ottom of Douglas cul-de-sac on the right side, and
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During the process of papering, the floor of the room was coated with green dust, and since
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rqiofted as iettu soiUj the higher average in the south m^it Imve been
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dependent upon public charity for relief, there seems
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observations showed that the albuminuria did not, at
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chanjjes in the general arterial and venous pressures,
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stance remains in a condition of almost absolute dryness at a
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bored, and driven up into the femur, but they are not
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anterior fold (see Sketch) is soon passed, and the tumour comes in contact
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Fifth, a radical operation should promise from 25 to 50 per cent of
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fellowship was manifest throughout. At the annual spring meet-
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mere tools with which he worked in the secrecy of his own
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such places as York, Chester, and South Wales, indicates considerable
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horror of the speculum, that its use, always improper, as they say,
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if high feeding is kept up for a long time after the pulmonary
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was hypnotized, thus, of course, making a suggestion,
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place, as the organs were not moved about or pressed upon. The
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ated in the corium, consisting of closely packed, ve-
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Board of Health, Reinbeck; and Dr. James Taggart Priestly,
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and covering them with the bed clothes laid loosely over
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since children may and do perspire readily enough. One of the
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spirits of ammonia, coffee, or tincture of digitalis, or
clot, the size of a hazelnut, in the substance of the cerebrum. In
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case in which, either in an early stage or later, any tendency to the


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