such conduct, he is at once anathematized and branded as a friend to
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Eobertson pupils, absent knee-jerks, sensory disturbances of the skin, and
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subsides, and the follicles and patches become turgid and prominent, constituting
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coitor, oisafatida, oU of amber, cajeput oil, and the volatile terebintbi-
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The liver may be generally inflamed so that it is affected with a chronic
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vomiting, with icterus, hsemoglobinuria, and diminution in the quantity of
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sometimes almost imperceptible, in the second week. About the eleventh
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Karroo, which has an average elevation of 3000 ft., but with mountains
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of work are : the difiiculties of repairing and keeping it properly clean, the
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morphine, if necessary, along with stimulants and external warmth.
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the tube is then brought to the margin of the flame and held there for a few
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lic papers as an infallible remedy for the cure of the prevailing epi-
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essence of learning, with the privilege of burning gilt paper od the tombs
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wards, on the florets at the circumference, than on the central ones, is the
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third numbers of the Medical Examiner equal the promise in the prospec-
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treal, L. C. ; Mr. Joseph Tardif, Quebec, L. C. ; Mess. Carey & Hart, booksrilexi,
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rather too late, if the humors of the eye were in the meantime allowed
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cum, or, at the most, in this and the middle third. It is much less com-
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which might be visited by invalids, but enough has been said to show the
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vised the call of a physician. We arrived at 10, A. M. Found her
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mild fever of short duration as " ague." These returns indeed do not show
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was enlarging^ and the valves while ossifying. Habit, which does such
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it usually prevents all exercise and confines the patient to bed.
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Note. — Back-hackings are very beneficial as medical gymnastic treatment for
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practice, of his professional views. There are eleven persons employed
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longer time for its completion, has the advantage that it can be observed with the
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towards the termination of the disease ; after the accompanying fever
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effect the eyes, I find to be quite unnecessary towards producing the
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tion it may be necessary to give them a hypodermic injection of liquor
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cessary to modify, for one cannot with impunity withdraw tbe patient
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Even before Adami, similar views were enunciated by M. Alexandre


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