The mouth is hot, the mucosa reddened and swollen, and salivation is
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come so marked as to overshadow entirely the pulmonary symptoms. Not
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identical in appearance with those noted under the preceding forms, but
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many cases but little pain is complained of, whilst in a lesser number
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It is a frequent sequel to long-standing and exhausting suppurating
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make most interesting reading. He discusses briefly the revolutionary
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after an epileptic paroxysm, in tetanus, injuries to the head, apoplexy,
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liver and spleen are sometimes the seat of an active hyperemia, and
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is opaque and velvety. Soon a fibrinous exudation covers the appendic-
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derlying disease, as syphilis or gout, must be treated. Charcot suggested
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is some impairment of conduction in the meatus or middle ear. When
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digitalis in the form of the infusion, or Niemeyer's pill. Klemperer
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made such a generous donation to the Presbyterian Hospital of New
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the aorta impinges upon the trachea. A large and often quickly fatal
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connective tissue and of the elastic fibers, and by a narrowing of the ves-
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Palpation elicits extreme tenderness, more particularly in the vicinity
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the left ventricle following mitral incompetency, though not to the same
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away through the rectum. The patient recovered without inci-
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cured itineraries which embrace a few days in either Ireland or
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greater frequency on the aortic than on the mitral valves. Thev are
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filaria trachealis and bronehialis, seen in the trachea, bronchioles, and
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ditis. The murmurs present must be called accidental if the area of car-
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yet it will serve the purpose of formulating what has been said up to the
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the month of August, should always direct the attention to this disease.
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ally escape. Rovere, however, reports a case occurring in the course
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position. The condition occurs coincidently with gastroptosis. neph-
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loss of control of the voluntary muscles ; or it may be voluntary, ex-
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exudate with adhesions. The fimbriated ends of the tube are


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