a great advantage over the physician in that his operaiions

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or very fat condition, and violent work or feats are con-

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ent standard of practical teaching ? If he would not, he

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perspired copiously at night; the pulse was 100; she had got

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— namely, 1 : 5 — can be reduced to 1 : 8 or 9. The potassium salts also enter the

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baths. The cutaneous stimulation must be methodical and constant

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of blood and salt solutions, and some cocci are sensitized in the

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ness of the human intestinal wall. The animal, having been

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Reference under the proposed scheme for a Conjoint Exami-

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with which was especially poin'ed out by Dr. Todd) and other

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military surgeon contributing largely to their efficiency. Since this time

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of beneficial effects in suiiaMe cases. Strychnin is a valuable remedy, a^ is

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anterior til)iiil artery at its ori<i:;in from the popHtcal.

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general. A short appendix deals with infectious diseases of

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of unjust criticism where he had to defend his opinions and acts against

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variable climates are most favorable to the development

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and enlarged tonsils. As we have already seen, several of the

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dent happened, it seemed that the various nerve roots would

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This is the title of a study recently made by Mr. De B. Birch, Demonstrator

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identical. The same authorities have also regarded land

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ing a case of recent occurrence, in which death from

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sai)rophytic or parasitic in certain hosts, confined to the tropics

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