An attentive study of the case above referred to that has been recorded
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is of any use ; indeed, it is usually mischievous. It is evident that as long
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OCTORS who have vacationed themselves into a state of healthful relaxation
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medicine; and being a Scotchman, he naturally turned to the re-
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Was very inert during the first three months of life.
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the introduction of the serum the number of tracheotomies in the pavilion
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The presence of blood in a wound is not itseK to be desired, and modern
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Annual Dealh Rates per O0.000 Cfcpuldrion , All Aaes
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His experience leads him to consider that an ammonia coefficient of
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half ounce portions caused a chocolate-colored precipi-
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posed of. It has already been explained at the beginning of this
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These two main forms may be brought about by any of the
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abscess, lleaver. •!. B.. 43; diagnosis and treatment of appt ndicitis.
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ment and attachment to the walls of the uterus, to remain. But it
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practical sagacity so characteristic of all his writings, urges the adoption of
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below upwards, and quite free from risk when ordinary care is
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dry fork of Cheat and the south branch of the Potomac rivers, at a place
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Islands, Vietnam, the East Indies, Indonesian Islands, Sumatra and
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tating microscopic or other examination which may seem
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work of the purser of the Massachusetts hospital ship Bay State,
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sure. The curve rises from a little above the original normal level to
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which marcheth at noon-day," despoiled them of "the armor wherein
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out and fully illustrated in my first paper, is a distinct
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increases the liability to its recurrence under the same or
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of foreign judges, our Army Medical Service is in a
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respiratory centers at first or at all; or it may only stimulate them;
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wine, sugar, coffee, and syrups. It may be preserved by
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The first empirics — by which is not to be under-
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their best endeavors, if in their judgment, after the assembling of the Legislature in 1895,
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(plaria) which causes elephantiasis, and stcgomyia jasciata, which
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way between the knots in little curls or strings. Garnish with
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ment, when, suddenly, with a strong rebound like that with which
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to the ground at 30 inches distance, measured by the pace-stick,
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through a drenching rain. The next day, July 14th, in
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now much less resistance to the outpouring of blood than in the case of
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