at 103 c : it began to fall at once, and 8 o'clock was at

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lobelia is recommended. The very moment the animal appears

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68. The Therapeutics of Diseases of the Skin. Prof. McCall Anderson 86

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In addition to the cases recorded there were seven other calves

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is worked at the present time. We have too many factories work-

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one or another antigen, these variations in technic of different workers

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d. Med. u. Chir., Jena, v. 5 (21), 8. Nov., p. 846. [\V m .]

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off by the cause or virus of rabies upon the endothelial cells and

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of 471 cows kept in Washington and vicinity, 198 had

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by digital examination to be attached to the base of

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culous meningitis ; but it is found in other morbid states likewise. In

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In teaching or learning the symptomatology of disease, it is

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demonstration of the presence or continued absence of the charac-

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mittee on Organization ; report of Committee on Ar-

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nitrate of silver, tincture of iodine, or strong carbolic

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hips. The toe of his foot is to be advanced, and his foot brought

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grains of ammonia in 100 grains of solution, and is re-

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ber were not sufficient to accommodate all, and the galleries, committee

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intendent of the Illinois Eastern Hospital for the Insane, at Kankakee,

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travels, relating especially my several journeys in Albania

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sions, nor was he able to find the point of rupture at the necropsy. In

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in the cranial bones is consequently incomplete; this gives rise to a

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all doubt as to the identity of the sounds heard, and sug-

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fants, in whom the pharynx is often difficult to inspect, and partly


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