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cant may be alleged to have disturbed the normal balance of the
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The only objection to a full sound value, and it is an in-
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a hearty, healthy man, weighing upwards of two hun-
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though, that had little bearing on the subject of the paper, so
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Kdie being assigned in charge. At th<; end of the
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noy.ince.the area about the ear, especially in front of it, is most com-
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and Panacea, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my
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antigen, and very little with B. dysenterice Flexner and B. dyseiiterice " Y "
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ment into a Koyal Corps, under the title of " The Eoyal Army
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3. Do not sleep in any garment worn during the day.
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sion (leaks fluorescein) from a cotton-wool spot (no leak-
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in its power of recuperation as the result of the repeated cycles
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bolic acid, as quickly as other better known antidotes. For
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experiment. Not to make a long story, I will say at
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cially of the digestive or alimentary organs, before reaction, or the
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aneurysm^ as these lesions are also called^ are relatively uncommon in
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Ophthalmia, purulent, use of chloride of lime in 440
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A great number of operations have been devised for the relief
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character of the cells in the exudate should be carefully studied. The
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jamin),^ "the son of her sorrow." At the birth of Pharez
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J. HE following case of fungus haematodes, occurred in the practice
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positively known of the alterations which underlie neuro-visceral
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in the mouth during the intervals of swallowing, and that action is
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