English Physicians in France. — The affair of the English physicians at

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favorably on the' plan to (Change the manageiuent of the city

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inject a few air-bubbles into the veins of an animal to kill it, and that death

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of the case of my little son, as near as my recollection serves me. I look

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ulceration from their use, and also the great advantage arising from making

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good constitution. The employment of quinine internally produced nausea

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Immediately beneath the liver, and apparently growing

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repeal that section of the law of 1899 requiring a three years'

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Case 13. — A man, setat. 70, affected for two years with a not very acute

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After explaining the tables given in the report, with the ratio of recove-

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the leg swells. He never had pain in the back, excepting when he took

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water-supply, the manner of collecting and disposing of dust,

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there have been many sporadic cases from time to time. I refer

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suture. All went well for a week, when the threads cut through

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suppurating surface, on the contrary, may we not also suppose that the

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in Topeka, Kan., died at Los Angeles from Bright's disease,

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tum. My informer is a gentleman of the strictest veracity, and at this time

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the management of the Brotherhood, and it has since

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tain classes, some undoubtedly well-meaning, but not

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The hydrated peroxide of iron has, for some time past, been engaging

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Deformity of Pott's Disease, with the Presentation of Orig-

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are especially free from many of the infectious diseases such

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constipation. The importance of relieving these, especially the

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tions and experiments in Pathology ; the functions of all our organs becoming

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scopic appearance when grown on ordinary media ; still,

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fluous accumulations of the outer layer of the skin and

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admitted who had been insane seven years. She was so extremely violent

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a grain of sulphate of morphine. Small pieces of ice were directed to be

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its manifestations, because the real cause has been put

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acquainted, beforehand, with all the details which it is possible to collect.

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Holland. — J. L. Schroeder van der Kolk, M. D., Professor of Anatomy

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times are, in earlier life. It is the physician confident

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In observing these temperatures it will be clearly evi-

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fails. Their success is its success. They are to give eff'ect to the wishes

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seen, in the modified respiratory capacity, the percentages of

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from the uterus, has sunk into the pelvis, so as to all but rest on the peri-

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Physick not devoted his days and his nights to the dissecting room, would

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