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likely, other things being equal, to result happily than

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Pediatrics. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, North Shore

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names of thirty-three persons, the average age of each

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writer treats of this practice as a modern improvement, and appears to ascribe the

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then fill the vial with the liquor, and it is ready for use.

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winds by a forest of cypress and other trees, which, commeflcing about

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Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal, $3 a year, edited

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enclose a post-paid envelope already addressed, as a very large

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work with bovine tuberculosis as well as between adjoining

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walls of the cavity, especially near the cortex, and the arachnoid may

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urine, and the body-weight of each patient were represented graphically, under

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This diagram (see page 383) is intended to show you the result of

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.ntecedently deranged, to allow the sub-causes to which I have

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dressing and care of fractures passes into the hands of doctors in the

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tained and made certain by elimination of all uncertain

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sionally be unlocked so that circulation in the fcetal head may be

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brought through the muscles and conjoined tendon and

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the mechanical form of the disease. Slender fresh roots, from the size of a

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The first empirics — by which is not to be under-

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pale yellow color, and feebly acid reaction. Its content of albumen was always

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terrible bruising that a woman is often subjected to, and

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Low found streptococci in the blood of a child with

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water up to 1.5 parts in the million, and hence it is only when it

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digestive action, remain undisturbed and uninjured by

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found beyond the limits of the tropics ; and even yet it

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An approximation to this result may also be obtained, in a

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part of granular debris of a brownish colour, among which larger pieces

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external atmosphere. Air that is drawn frcm small closed

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