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from every quarter. For several years he was president of the Board of Health

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the myotomes of one side. While it is difficult or impossible to

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landers who presented telangiectases in five of the six members examined.

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Cement, Electricnl. 1. Rosin, 5 lb, wax, and dried red

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the oral cavity. For instance, he tells of removing

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had claimed for it : and an " Academy of Medicine," probably

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being quite natural. The operation lasted in the first case two and

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of Delegates, Representation in “Const. & Bylaws”

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my text — a text never yet preached from by man, and

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vulgaris and Staphylococcus albus were recovered from the mixture.

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of pneumonia, and in only 363 of these could we obtain a history of

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Coolidge, J. N. A case of exophthalmic goitre, 259, 262.

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Summary of Recent Researches aa to the Origin of some Dis-

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inches apart did not ripen as evenly as that planted thicker.

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constant pressure of a sharp-pointed sequestrum upon the vessel,

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that has been my long-lasting concern, the size of the collection might other-

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amygdaloid in shape, made up of numerous closed follicles,

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First and Second Years: The freshman year begins with a nine-day introduction that includes

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nursed. She has been pronounced insane, and has been sent to the

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tant emetics. They cause, by contact and irritatioo, a Wge

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the dangers of absorption which attach to pyrogalhc

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2. Gaseous Substances derived from chemical and other man-

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us from Salerno, in the sense at least of the work that

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bladder in its inferior part contained a round calculus the size of a large

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960 Illustrations, some of them in colours". Philadel-

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ued obstruction to the circulation become distended,

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Gly cones are incomparably superior to the glycerin suppositories on

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lowing remarks of the editor of the Medico-Chirurgical Review. " We consi-

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changes, such as hyaline degeneration, leucocytic infiltration, minute

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strength, another common result of pleurisy. Nothing

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