thes3 circumstances, the same amount of blood that used to be
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ith of a drop kills a rabbit; 1 drop will kill a large dog.
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Elementary Principles of Electro-Therapeutics. By C.
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consideration the grandparents, brothers, and sisters. Other ob-
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second dose, the respirations dro])pe(l below 10 and
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very mild attacks. One thinks the disease harmless, while
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Turner and myself on removal of the occipital lobe and division of the
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covered the x-ray, and the great physicist replied : "Ich spielte
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this kind which was treated with sinipty a hip-splint
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the third rib ; further, and this he regarded as important, the two upper
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troubles, and lengthen life to the normal span. No one would
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which an ordinary surgical probe "could hardly be forced
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into two quarts of boiling water in a double boiler. Add a half tea-
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before the sutures are inserted. At the end of twelve or twenty-
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conditions to be similar phenomena. Janeway* regarded them as dif-
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the State was brought up and, on motion by Dr. Steiner, it was
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The membranes were as yet intact, on rupturing these the fluid
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tendo achillis, and other tendons in the bend of the knee, and
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1895 f. -Idem. [Abstract of 1894 a] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc, Lond. (5), Oct., pp.
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paid practice, no Medi-Cal. Excellent compensation pro-
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possible, actually lie in, or aim at opening out, the space of
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ing to be successful, must be dependent on theendowment of our
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a suggestion recently put forward as a means of preserving
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ing over his house, an imperceptible, but real, dis-
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Whatever a person feels or thinks, if often experienced, will photo-
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severe cases he would even have recourse to artificial inversion and extirpa-
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applied at the clinic of Prof. C. Braun, at Vienna, who, though
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some portion or portions of the lungs, which not only
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acute sta<ie of his typhoid deserves special mention.
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and in bivouac they raise their beds if suitable material, such as
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single apple. A number of trees of each of the following


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