Roman genius failed to appreciate and cultivate medi-

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The lining of boxes must be wood carried up to the level

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the plague as it appeared at Constantinople. The obscu-

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glish. Carefully prepared illustrations accompany the text whera

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of the inflammation, or exert an influence in arresting its onward

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PUTNAM, Charles P., 63 Marlboro' St., Boston (Tele. 4054) —

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etherization, ke])t up to i)revent. the nervous system

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Perthes called the new disease Osteochondritis Deformans Ju-

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letting is opposed to a sound pathology ; (4) that an inHamnia-

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incalculable value to our country if the children were allowed

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ceived, which he will continue to repeat. If the impair-

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proaches, the hounds may be divided in two packs, to be taken

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rests upon the surface of the land, arishig from their physical

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refractory animals with the toxines ol the corresponding pathogenic microbes.

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matured judgment is a tower of strength " ; Drs. Sidney Martin

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of philosophers and philanthropists ; as well as of

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are carrying Duke to the position of the foremost medical school in the country.

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due to an impairment of the vitality of the tissues,

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the ^ause of the infection there are certain predisposing factors which

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ing, within die fcrst forty-ei^t hoars, decidedly bene-

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rounded by a red globe, the walls were painted deep red, and

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for which there is no specific, but confidence, rest food and fresh air with

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Arsenic, bromide of. in diabetes. 321 ; necrosis from, 078.

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splenic, miasmatic, glandular, strumous, or malignant disease.

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♦ Paper read at the Autumn Meeting of the Dorset and West

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discrimination, in which areas of dulness are to be particu-

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WARNINGS: Propranolol hydrochloride (INDERAL ): CARDIAC FAILURE Sympathetic


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