tics. Believing at the beginning of our work that the lack of gastric

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requirement of data relating to name, age, time of in-

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No one encouraged him except one eminent man, — ■

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The Government Hospital for the Insane, with a population of

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England, Surgeon-Major G. C. Ross makes the following recommenda-

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serum and lymjili in the former resemble more their normal

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All this impresses one with the fact that one must always prepare

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ing may be aouud enough, but in actual application it entails ad-

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wieldy facts began to accumulate. Cases of atrophic

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right auricle of 11. 2 mm. mercury (this might have

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also find a great difference in the degree of cellular infiltration

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the New Sydney Society from the AnntUi Untversalt di Medictna, 1867. In

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has strong feelings on the subject : "The wind bloweth, the water

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Condition on admission at 11.30 p.m. — The patient looked

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both in the hand and foot, but there was no objective

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5. Cole, VV. H.; Ireneus, Carl, Jr., and Reynolds, J. T.: The

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One must gratefully acknowledge that a Department of Health under

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but only during ten days, to avoid signs of intolerance, which are not

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the compressed hemisphere was 1338.5, showing an unequivocal

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Charles Bell, ' * Neither violence, nor loss of blood nor even

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Though still in its infancy, it is in successful opera-

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arrested in the peripheral circulation, where sporulation takes

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cluded in the list, selected with reference to their geo-

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sent over the extent of the affected muscle and its tendons. Pro-

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1815. Actually present at the battle: officers, 1894; sergeants and troop

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with relation to all the works of nature, which them-

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and, what is more, there is nobody, however skilled, who can tell


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