General health good. No trouble in the other joints ex-
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which I obtained in 1900 three days after the race,
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transportation in railway trains of cases of small-
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ralysis is, however, so great that the possibility at
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appears that the solution of cell metamorphosis, as
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so frequently present and act as etiological factors
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«A'er, not always well planned for the needs of the
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Sept. 8, 1901, her general condition being as noted
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William George Allen, M.D., M.M.S.S., died in Mans-
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ment of the spleen or liver in a class by themselves
cal Practice Act of that State, by which the academic
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The mortality of a district is by no means bound to
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twenty-one) his sister was his almost constant assistant and com-
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rect, at least in part, much can be done, especially
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(Joullioud's patients was alive 3 years, the others
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tingency, the Council must express their regret that
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when the Board broke up at the termination of their
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and Huntington avenues, Boston. Meetings of sections will


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