caliber and dense fleshy feel of the intestinal tube, by the shortening

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lungs through the nose is in a state of saturation.

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agree with averages obtained from any large sections into which

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ing a bistoui-y through the tissues, over the middle

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animals and birds such changes are often periodical, as in

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I arranged for a blood count to be made through the kind-

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little plaque on the wall of his waiting room '* Begin the

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XV. De la Destruction Mecanique de la Pierre dans la Vessie; ou Consi-

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of cases of diarrhoea. The occurrence of abdominal pain in nearly 30 per

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acid in reaction, and loaded with uric acid, urates

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lessness too often to relieve it, and the uncomforting and depressing

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tion of septic matter into the blood-vessels. In certain cases, indeed,

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every infection that came along, and scorned to do anything as

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jugs or bottles for consumption at home. It was probably a mild

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placed in the first class, pure and simple follicular

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of oxygen, in connection with insufficient muscular exercise. Not only Andral

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living, violent paflions, or intenfe thinking, it is

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Dr. Johnston, of Danville, Ky., in congratulating Canada on

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excess in the balance of fluids which leave the tissues through the

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peculiar or special line of treatment. Always we came back to the

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blood-making, force generating, and life-sustaining properties, pre-eminently calcu-

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Treatment. — Place the animal in a comfortable stall, if that

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9. Carter, E. P., Richter, C. P.. and Greene. C. H. : Bull. Johns Hopkins

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Student or professor, every one has taken part in it. The

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ence in selection, I am convinced that the same percentage of

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the ascending parietal convolution. Jolly and Simpson^ by a


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