undergoes ecdysis (shedding of skin) after about forty-eight to seventy-

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(carbonate manganique,) which is but little soluble in the acids of

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duction of less invasive techniques. The total number

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kind of cheerful delirium, as it is called by La Roche, in which the patient

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believed that infection in chicken-pox exist«xl only l>etwcen the 12th

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from the Secretary. Now, gentlemen, I never declined any

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The time, so f.ir as the record goes, varies from twenty-six days

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was one of the busiest physicians in this locality. He was prom-

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second rabbit remained alive ; the third remained alive

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veyed to me some months ago his intimation of the distinction

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6th of May, and were then arrested by the use of quinine.

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The student has so much to do, so much to accomplish in the

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rectum or per vaginam. During contraction of the intestine and forcing

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steps were quickly turned to the " Augen Klinik," on

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and was told that he had pleurisy. He then improved, and was up and

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Egyptians appear at first to have exposed their sick in

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disposition to sleep — calm, tranquil, and refreshing sleep ; but the

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longing to each is nearlv the same — viz., 35,995 Medical,


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