stimulant at least that it in some way sustains the heart or

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vour to modify the nutrition of the diseased nerve. The arseniate of

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injection four or five readings were made of blood pres

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derlich. Starting with the proposition that this disease has two per

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the patient her life. The local conditions after recov

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however refers to a note by Andral in La nncc s treatise as

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tuberculosis one of bronchitis and two of articular

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of New Jersey appointed him to tlie oflice of surgeon

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peduncles stout mm. long or less each bearing thrc e sometimes but

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ball and slight vascularization of the c omea with hypopyon.

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outer part of the ascending colon to the corresponding portion

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planted towards the anterior iliac spine and brought

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Secondary anaemia is very common in childhood. It may be congenital

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case of pituitary infantilism described in the text. The outline of the sella

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quinine were sufficient to establish the diagnosis that it was suffer

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uncultivated common covered chiefly with heath and broom

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ment it contains if cut when the straw is yellow there is a

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summer and in the autumn that is in subtropical climates in August

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ness diseases amp c is concerned but the purchaser of

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find in eo misprinted ecr we are unable to see that sym

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for Fellowship in the College will be received. The

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mind the hints Margaret Plarrill had let fall relative

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through a manure heap but the small pox would never appear over

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photographed. Glossy black and white photos are pre

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where a cistern was thus poisoned by sewer air passing

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analysis twenty of these belong to group a where the

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populations go far afield in search of water. Moorland waters in the late

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Southern resort or by an ocean voyage. Some individuals seem bene

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That Diplococcus pneumomae is the specific cause of at least the great

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Etiology and Epidemiology. Seeing then that cholera is due to a


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