may be seen surrounded by numerous round cells. Bowman's capsule is
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Grant, John Andrew, Jr. (Harvard), Tallahassee, Fla.
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termed wooden tongue. The disease is rarely general
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thing a hog will eat with as much relish as they w T ill
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9. The contraction with end-to-end is less than with
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Experiment 2. 5 Days after the Prophylactic Dose of Antitoxin. — Guinea Pig 4.
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synchronous, and the diastole of the arteries corresponds with the
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According to instructions from the Executive Committee, at its last
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action of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc., are dependent upon
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false ribs : the right iliac region was not swollen, nor was it painful
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cise of reason and to chance. Midwifery is generally re-
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probably cause death before the end of pregnancy, in
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A slight epidemic of cholera nostras had occurred in one of the
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in each case being divided into minute globules which are surrounded
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In my notes on this case I find the following comment :
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greatly paralysed ; movement is defective ; his legs slip outwards and
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A fine usually results ; alternative imprisonment, however, may
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the hemispheres (Steenberg). According to Heubner, it often disappears
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with a large incidence of pneumonia, followed by numerous serious
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sidered a suitable way of arriving at just conclusions.
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where some large arteries required to be tied, notwithstanding the
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ing from analogy, we should be inclined to think that the nature
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cough, though the patient may expectorate some small plugs of dirty
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attack of cerebro-spinal meningitis, as he had supposed, but
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