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of Yellow Fever, with two or more paroxysms, should be
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" The history of Mr. Sutton's invention of airpipes for ventilating
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these aneurisms, or rather of these pulsating tumors, since some of them have
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can be done without too terrible a wrencli. If there be any local disease,
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Essence of Cedar. — Otto of cedar, i oz., triple extract of
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McMurty; "Complications Occurring in the Clinical History of
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nate within a week. It is not intractable, usually yielding
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ptery<iii, tarsal tumors, etc., but did not Hud it as satis-
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depends upon certain anatomical peculiarities, such as great
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she suffered a recurrence of pellagra, with erythema, stomatitis, diarrhea and
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Jupiter and Ammon, Ares with Mars, Hera with luno and the
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be complete loss of control over one or both sphincters. When disorders
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uretic. and the response observed closely a) if cardiac failure continues, despite adequate
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ply the term sulcus lunatus, as that fissure in the primate brain,
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Further, G. L. Walton : Subarachnoid Serous Kxudation Pnxluctive
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0. Langrnbeck's Archiv, Bd. xxii ; Ilossandor, in Jlygeia, Jan.,
for which disorder is phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered
fully exposed and treated as follows : — All the articular cartilage is carefully cut
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our lives and to enter into the spirit of the community where we chance to be, to
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that is very seldom permitted to rest, consequently an active one.
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proportion of stomach a flections can only be cured by surgical
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urge of sex; and that comradeship and friendship must take the
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ity of the lieart have come under my notice within the last few
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Fibula — The small bone attached to the outer side of the tibia.


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