Objection of similar sort against the variolations of the calf Avhich
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In three of my cases labour had already commenced, and in two
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returned to the infirmary on account of a stitch abscess. I think that
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The dyspeptic, interested in the progress of his cure, and
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it to the patient to use in a solution of half this
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The storm raged along the coast of North Carolina. Washington andNewbern,
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hlood ; {n) New experiments concerning the relation
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chosen by Dr. R. Percy Smith for his presidential address,
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plying biniodide mercury and iodide potash internally. We find this treat-
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cease, and that the operation should be completed when the patient
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iately outlying are numerous superficial vesicular and pustular
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resist the influence of the galvanic current, while the testimony of Dr. Althaus
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back and arms, and his tongue had been lacerated by his teetli.
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some struggles, to be sure, as when they attempted to have their picture made, when they entered the Anatomical
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The Doctor's Dilemma, Getting Married, and the Show-
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bladder, from disease of the ducts, or from hepatic calculi,
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our view, we are warranted in forming pretty definite
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introduction of the haciUus anthracis or its spores into the Living tissues
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have thoroughly convinced myself that they occur — the former with
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or on the insect is more contaminative in character, the insect
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"Sheep: Principal Breeds. Brief Discussion Relative to
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menstruation does not occasion those marked changes in the constitution of the '
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was a direct relation between the typical spastic cases
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in the top of the bed and suspending curtains closely all round,
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quoted before in the Journal^ says of the universality of tape-
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ninety-first year. For many years Dr. Cox has occupied
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With regard to a deleterious effect of the accumulated CO.,


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