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that the fungoid bodies were the sclerotium ot tlie fungus.
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A further warning of the approaching end we have in the
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section has a number of inspection chambers, and on leaving
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received for the Denholm Testimonial Fund. This fund,
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size, and to be intimately adherent to a coil of the lower ileiiiu. Us at-
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law to sell methylated spirits between the hours ot 10 p.m. on
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Remabks. — The points worthy of remark in this case are in
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with boiling water. The filtered liciuid is slightly rose-
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existing arrangements with regard to back-to-back houses.
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M. Mitchell, St. Mary's Hospital; G. N. Mottram, Guy's Hospital ;
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case. In another case, in a woman, a large hydronephrotic
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vation of the mind, he illustrated his argument that study was never


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