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IV. Ohseivations on Tetanus illustrated by Cases in wliTcli a new and

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as in a case of ruptured vessel and extravasatioaof blood the functions of

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country have been obliged to adopt it in order to compete with

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quantities of the bacilli were introduced into the lung and care was

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menstruated regularly up to two years ago irregularly till eight months

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developing in certain of the joint cases. They were further powerless

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effect of this exercise is that the circulation of the

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form large bladders which supports the view that they are merely a

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to the authorities of the University that the members of this com

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the life of the child it is advisable to induce labor in such

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procedure is simply to compel the accused to take an ordeal

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trimethoprim and clindamycin primaquine. The occur

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M. Bourguignon on considering the structure of these Acari and

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appearing to be only stages of degeneration. No process of organiza

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regard it as an established fact that he had no direct share in

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rapid in its course and recovery was as a rule complete. The

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do not require any special care to keep them in good order.

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millimetres in diameter of a bright red color and disappear completely

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in addition attended with a copious eflusion of purulent or

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properties of red blood cells that have been dried and then reconstituted.

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Fevers by Dr. Nelson G. Richmond of Fredonia Congenital Opacities

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Blood in the Urine How to discover its Source and what

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From analogy may we not indulge the hope that the practice of

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surface of the knees and elbows and about the ankles consisting of a

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stimulated the heart muscle to renewed activity after the valvu

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have been made. Three fatal cases of haamatnria within a few

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adopted in various forms by many English and continental observe

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of consanguinity between the parents families the father having

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prise medicine proper surgery ol stetrics and allied

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pushed through into the rectum causing rupture of the

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also rhonchus and sibilus all these being best heard at the back

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Instructor in Neurology and Psychiatry Illinois Instructor in Senior Neu

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on account of the patient s youth and good constitu

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developed rapidly but healed slowly with only slight tendency to scar

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As was pointed out by von Kossa the blackening produced by

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in the handling of certain instruments of precision

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duces at length poverty of blood. The fact that housemaids in the

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states that in engorgements of the cellular tissue of the mesentery and


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