a uantity of blood which in other inflammations would effectu

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their own which may to some extent compensate for a manifest deficiency

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iris could be seen through the closed eyelids. Pemphigus

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use of the soda would however not be injurious. The quantities

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Dr. T. a young Professor talented honest and energetic soon discovered

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acter. In some instances the friction sounds remain audible for a long

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respectful consideration when articles are selected for the October number.

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plague of London in at which time nearly one hundred

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but the finding of clusters of these bacilli particularly on

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into action that wondrous spell which can thus convert this

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carried out was giving the patient the poison gradually.

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a female nursetender a male nursetender who acts as barber

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ply by using new cloth that will stretch. Following the

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explanation of that which constitutes a prime differ

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very unscientific and useless but positively dangerous.

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Scleritis in man is described as a manifestation of rheumatism

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Stilling on frogs the free existence of the germs in

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warm foot bath fomentations to the head and the daily

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throat in which case a stimulating embrocation applied round the

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the methods for color testing at the present are inefficient for

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from the delirium and hallucinations though he does not lose the tremor

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man is crazy and ought to be in an asyltun. Another

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bismuth paste had been applied hy oUiers without success. This

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of quinine iron cinchona cod liver oil and a nutritious diet.

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ury there being at present a deficit induced us to postpone

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came out of the external auditory meatus and at the

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trols all haemorrhage. I prefer this operation to circumcision. I

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but it is not at all uncommon to find examples amongst others

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and vitiated air of the building to pass out at the roof

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conveying these diuretics to the kidneys so whenever I em

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of an azo dyestuff brought about by the reaction of a diazotized

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from constitutional diseases in general conformation


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