fever the excretion of urobilin is pathologically in-
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to correspond with fluctuations of the population ;
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astinalis anterior sinistra : 2. ])leuritis mediastinalis
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thing, the influence of the physician or operator on
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the cells inward, invaginating them into a vacuole,
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tion was never established. Patient was always bright and
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ple iron), such dose to be taken in a wine glass of
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ach may result. The clinical history extends over a
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as high a percentage of positives in the acute stage,
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tacks" of weakness from cardiac irregularity ; busi-
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taxis. but as a rule, such references are neglected
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all known poisons is entirely due to the fruitful re-
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Health and Agricultural Departments have signified their
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tations were all f:ee and normal but the rotation upward
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years of their arrival to ascertain the effect of the
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of tubercular leprosy in which the bacilli were pres-
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De Fcyfer and Kayser. M iinchcncr nicdizinische IVoch-
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inability to retain an enema. 3. It is impossible to
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erating plant, receiving room for foodstufi:'s in bulk, diet
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anticubital space. The right side of face was anaesthetic
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seventh annual banquet at the Yale Club on Saturday even-
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DR. ELIOT GORTON (Formerly first Asst. Physician to the
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electrolyzed silver salts, or by pelting on to them
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that it is transmitted by a mosquito, and because in
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this is the most serious local sequela, but without
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lic health, similar to that given last year, has been ar-
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gained in flesh and in weight, has a good color, and has
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that the secretion resulting from such influences, and
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is such a preparation, a powerful antiseptic, yet absolutely free from toxic or irri-
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firm Hebrews, $1,000; Educational Alliance, $2,000, and
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I. The Immunization of Animals against Tuberculosis,
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was curetted, and upon inserting a uterine catheter
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