and the lymphatics has led to those methods of opera-

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Dexter, John Smith, s, Elroy, Wis. A.B. (Ripon C.) '08; M.A. (U. of Wisconsin)

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public's obligation to us for work of such a character.

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Now that our next legislature will be of a different com-

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isted ; (2) that it was secondary to either obstruction

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Fourth Row: Fagg B. Nowlan, Greensboro, N. C; Joe Carl Padgett, Hayesville,

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healthy manhood, dealing with the drama of human life. Once begun,,

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'i'he v<!rli<:al motion wiih |ierfcctly fre(f as far as iiiii«<

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make a request to the State Board of Regents to take

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quinine freely. He complained of occasional febrile excitement,

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person. It has a papery feel and wrinkles when the hand is passed across the

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In another herd the same rapid mortality among calves appeared.

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ing on the kind of animal and the kind of toxin used for immunization.

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tial procedures be reevaluated to facilitate an applicant’s

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of diffusion of water through collodion membranes. II ... . 263

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readily passed, whereas with the ordinary bougie undue force

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sound whatever is audible in the air, although the ear be brought much

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this hospital : I knew nothing of him when he was living ; but I

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[1901 a].— Idem. Reprint, pp. 89-107. 4°. [n. p.J [ Lib. Stiles.]

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in city hospitals was not suitable for Public Health service.

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poisonous, must have a deleterious influence on the organism

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make die assertion then, that a moderate income from

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of subarachnoid fluid. Cerebral convolutions flattened,

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connected at one end with the collar bone to form the arch of the

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wear immediately before going into the operating-room.

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its manufacture at the Fishing Stations, where the fish are brought to land every few hours, and

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It is known that correspondence is at present proceeding with

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catheter. It inflates symmetrically and from the proximal end

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badly-managed case; it is the story of an unfortunate who has confi-

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whether it still exists — a pastrycook's shop (little or no bronchial disturbance, alum is

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tion of which they will require long slow gallops of

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stituting varicose veins, in the scrotum, called varicocele, and about


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