nective tissues overgrowth, vi-hich, in its turn, by
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in the induction of mental disorders. To carry this
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were given. On the third day every trace of the affection had sub-
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forty-one in the State Hospital at Trenton ten days
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three weeks after labor to determine the position of
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a pain having as its seat the region of the caecum, a non-impair-
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used, but are being rcrited out. The mortality rate
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in sterile saline solution intramuscularly. Twenty-
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barrassments, and discouragements encountered. This would
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injected into the blood is followed by anaphyla.xis.
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jectiles, it permits of union by first intention by
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pushed to this point, it is necessary in many cases
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cured, was permitted to leave the hospital at his own request ;
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" In no branch of midwifery have more contributions been fur-
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II. Panda is half a mile north from the last described, and is
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her physician with excellent results. She wanted to
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tremely rare, to say the least, and that for absolute development
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harm by exciting acute prostatitis, vesicultitis or
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fection was called cryptic and the general infection
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protection of the patient. Four observations, exist-
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tation of the cervix that later there was retention
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against the accidental inhalation of bacilli. First
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joint pains), may benefit from a thorough course of
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after all the severe symptoms have subsided, with pain in the
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is followed by copious expectoration of concocted mucus or muco-pu-
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cine. The following case was seen by Mr. Mulock, Mr.
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medical officers additional who are in the army, the
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disease in two other of our fatal cases, both of them
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discharge of the vitreous humour, it is replaced by a transparent


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