ones cut over for me, till I'm tired. And I'll have your cloak
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the time as long as the bones are out of place or so long as they are
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from the disease. No cases occurred among ammunition columns,
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same attitude, and though he may frequently bring the opposite hand to
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After the death of the patient, the county supervisors sent a man to disinfect
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subsequently only raised the temperature to 99°'4. The tempera-
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the homes of the people, and ascertain the names of the
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This is the only Menstrual Receptacle in use, and is the grandest
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Hansen, Hibbing, secretary-treasurer. Talks by Dr. M.
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On MacConkey's and Dieudonnes Media. — Grew well, producing colonies
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ply to lessen the pain endured in the part, whether ulcerated or
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That in spastic paraplegia the cerebrum is less pro-
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the forearm gone, but the power of flexion was prevented by the
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11 to 7 per cent. The capacity of the wards remains
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thus affected. It is often only after repeated examinations, in
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which the doctor relieves them of the inconveniences, the suf-
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However these studies did not evaluate subsequent development of reproductive
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Foetation, extra-uterine, a case of. By J. Scott 221
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Chapala has already been considered as a maharasa. (see p. 87)
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marble palaces, while it has fostered great corporations which are sending their
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Pittsburg, Springfield and North Adams 1 each. From scarlet
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application is a- follow- : The nicer and its surronnd-
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especially valuable in cases diagnosed as neurosis of the bladder,
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Lewis and Harriet Hayden Scholarship for Colored Students
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The following bulletins [Bulls. Nos. 1-7, 1900 to 1902, Hyg. Lab., U. S. Mar.-Hosp.
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with the money in it, hesitated, and said, " But could
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of average intelligence can make practical use of them, the
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She may, indeed, under the influence of changing circum-
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possible, and never in the presence of the patient or his family.
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