fever succeeded to the chill. Throughout the next day he had much

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sterner types were toiling away in the scorching sun with their

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I have had only one other opportunity of testing the siphon

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rational — the removal of all offending substances, done with

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the fatal infections from wounds received at post mortem examinations are

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At its level there was a rigid, inextensible, slightly ulcerated and

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grape sugar, is closely allied to it, and, according to Pavy,

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fact. The swine-plague bacilli were sometimes confined to the lungs or to

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diminished to less than one in twenty fields. But as cicatrization had been very

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At 12.30 night, slight diflSculty in swallowing is noted; he

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1899 c. — Sur un nouveau protozoaire de l'homme et de eertaines especes d'ani-

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made at slight expense which will remove all the harmful

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Pathological Anatomy in lionn. Translated from the second German

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on the face of a patient who was being exposed to repeated applications

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periments. Where actual cost is given it is high, for in the

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The urine is lighter in colour, thicker in substance,

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Jucunda^ MitchePs* Early, Wilson, Florence, Lady Rosk,

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to horses, cattle, and sheep, without any effect, excepting

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He had shown no evidence of shock whatever from tlic first.

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drape evenlyfrontandback — all substitutes oITered wiUrisein front

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is considered to be conclusive of the malarial origin of the disease.

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takes place quickly. Where the vessels are scanty and the movement

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the globules of the gas, which is thought to be absorbed by the skin together

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contained in clothing gradually die out. There is with the

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From this table it will l)e seen that every morning the pressure

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always those, who take up this work at Christmas, who are not engaged

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partial ; for as it was necesssary to keep a guard at the arsenal, the men

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marked effects, beneficial or otherwise, than from the ordinary five- or ten-grain

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it is the part of a fool to persevere in error. The mind of the


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