twice triple, and once sixfold. Wendel,^ in seventeen cases, once

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their object. Accordingly, in the Parliamentary Session

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placing him at one end of the room, the surgeon standing at the other,

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Urine in Relation to Leptospira icterohcemorrhagice.

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when the physician tells the patient the material risks and

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108 ; affections of the respiratory and circulatory

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a few remarks upon the different manners he has resorted to in

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the opinion that the uterus is decidedly more frequently the seat of

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its thickened part; wishing to keep it entire. On the under side of

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London that he was invited to call upon Professor Cleland to

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the South Department of the Boston City Hospital. Diphtheria of the penis

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in correcting some of the problems that existed within

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University, Kingston, and Licentiate Royal College of

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show that the great majoritj' of g3'n8ecological cases must be at first in

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Moreover, the image of the physician as the paragon of

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liver, the spleen, the kidneys, hepatized lung, or lung completely deprived

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Only recently has the accuracy and reproducibility of the

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ticle of matter and gas was sucked out so completely that perfect collapse of

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Fifth. The separation of the nerve-fibres in the posterior columns,

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her admission into the hospital, and that occurred some

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moisture is an important one : in the summer time when the temperature

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the impulse or disturbs the circulation of blood within the head,

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considerable shortening results from this procedure, but he does

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the sthenic diseases ; stimuli of different kinds and

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direct and personal, from the honour of its Presidency

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tack may be warded off. The patient must understand that

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lowered resistance as a result of malnutrition and consequently are very

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University of New York; M.S. 1967, Brooklyn College,

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swells tbelong catalogue of woman's ills. He had for

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for operation for parovarian cyst, hydrosalpinx, salpingitis in its


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