leucocytes under its influence each engulf bacteria the ex

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from pronouncing this name and read Adonai instead and put the

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partly supporting herself on her hands draw the shoulders upwards.

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ened and made more effective. In the case of an infectious

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the muscles. In discussing its causation he shows how untenable

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spread. Tlie tissues themselves have a great power for re

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the hypothesis of the physiologists that there was a vaso motor

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may be either dermoid hydatid serous sanguineous or chylous. They

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study is conducted by a team consisting of scientists of

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It is to be particularly remarked that this cellular

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II. Eesorption of toxines is the most important feature in cases

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nerves. The degeneration extends the whole length of the affected

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cids stomachics digestants carminatives and cathartics. Diuretics

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latter and the peritoneum. Again taking a more super

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upon the amounts of iron appearing as hematin since the quantitive

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by its terrific mortality its tremendous complications

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infection chiefly by the use of various sprays and douches to the

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organic matter. I deem it perfectly wholesome and fit for drinking

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finally in a l to bichloride solution in which they were

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the morning sickness of pregnancy better than an opiate suppository

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the bile clay colored stools being often seen in biliary obstruction.

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United States have received all or part of their training at

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ment pursued the siDJpl remedy was alone employed and in each

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staff of the London Hospital. He was made a fellow of

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under the influence of transmitted Ught the appear

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cannot we fear be answered satisfactorily. Hitherto this condition of the

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attack. Pressure points may be frequently discovered in three sepa

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premature to say the very least to decide whether the

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estimate the severity of attacks induced by inoculation. It is an excep

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education has been such as is desirable for members of a learned

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would not be a guarantee that it was properly even if conscien

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