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image central in the left eye, it fall to the outer side of the

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to do such work gratis, chiefly on account of the cost.

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in the blood or urine ; in 13 no bacilli were found in the urine

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practice. Some points in connection with the difficultv in diagnosing

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ute ; but in the comatose condition they are slow, deep, and

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of a private individual of a different character. That is the reason

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My former pupil, Dr. Duclos,^ one of our most distinguished

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about Oi\i^ or two of the fingers of her left hand ^'oined toge-

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This preparation, when freely taken, sometimes produces pain

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Present, on the part of the Connecticut Medical Society :

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chester 26.2, Newcastle-on-Tyiie 24.9, Nottingham 21.8, Ports-

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to appl}^ his mind to business, and took no interest in any of

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discredited, Henderson certainly, with tact and skill, made out a good argument

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4. Diggs, L. W., and Sirridge, M. S. : A study of the sternal

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of the secretions and excretions to make the under-

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contrary to the law of nature. It is absolutely impos-

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although present for a short time, was never severe or persistent ; vomit-

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of destruction can be procured. Women who commit suicide use

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ducing for the first time the terms alveoli and infundibula, and

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soft and smooth it makes them. You will be surprised.

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teguments, which whilft the foetus is forced out by

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True hypertrophy of the prostate is a disease of old age, and

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confinement, a large hernia existed. It was generally easily re-

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geon was called in by the servant, and although the

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during its disastole, and they supposed the chief use of

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(Figure 2-B). The patient was treated with a short course of

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