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to distinguish the appearances of epithelioma adenoides cysticum from
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The cerebral palsies of children are divided into two great classes — those
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The death-rates ranged from 18.1 in Leeds to 43.8 in Burnley;
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the College " Professor " of those days or the Extra-Mui'al Lecturer
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stroke of his stick on the man's head, thus curing him.
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the right and left ischial tuberosities to the nearest point
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been, no opportunity to make a bacteriological examination by modern
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Christensen, C: Third annual national gymnastic catastrophic injury report
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have malignant disease, usually the head of the pancreas, with the
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and without knowing why, is punished, even by those who
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perceptibly retarded. There is no fever ; the temperature has
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cut the apples into small pieces. Fill the basin and add the
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of the tumour is clearly demonstrated by definite and distinct localising
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son and Fielding. Such achievements would render any age
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afiBected was a multinara, in whom the neuralgia took the place of the after pains immediately
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was completely comatose and could not say a word and yet, before he
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and in other forms of renal disease, it is impossible in the present
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night, they give a general attention to the directions,
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If there were no ticks there could be no East Coast
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record. There are, of course, many other special factors involved be-
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Chief Surgeon in Don Carlos' army in Spain. The uni-
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Ulcers on the epiglottis are fairly common; they are usually superficial but
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tage over the student who has pursued the course in
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exist even when the originating uterine disease had been cured,
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surgeon who was not a thorough anatomist should undertake the
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oil has been prescribed and (believingly) swallowed
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Case of Lupus Erythematosus of the Fingers, with Lupus
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generally the disease surely runs on to a fatal termination.
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pills of these gentlemen Archiatri,' which, as the Secretists tell us, consist
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which is alkaline and disinfectant. The fluid should
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not been drinking for a few days, and his statement was confirmed
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discovered. In this case, as well as iu the one referred
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insufficient. I give an alkali before every meal, and at intervals
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ficiency of complement could not be supplemented by the addition
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