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those which occasionally are found in the muscular walls of the heart,
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region as compared with that of the ventricular portion of the auriculo-
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normal time, or not greatly beyond the normal time, though in our
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ence of normal platelets when the optimum amount of calcium is used.
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ing for myxcedema we come to a most important advance in the
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forms of sensation were involved. In these three cases both ascending
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their application to individual instances. Like the so-called cumulative
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cance (Fig. 17). The infusion was also without action. Nearly all
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been ascribed are over-indulgence in alcohol, excess in eating as ivell as
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49. Vincent : Internal Secretion and the Ductless Glands, London, 1912.
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stains, the polymorphonuclear and oxydase mononuclear cells
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of the patient. On palpation over the site of the aneurysmal tumor,
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by centers having a higher rate of stimulus production than those in
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interruption of its blood supply. It would seem, therefore, that while
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degenerated cells were frequently retained. There often seemed to be a preced-
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Rokitansky : Lehrbuch der pathologischen Anatoraie, 3d edition, ii., p 388.
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supply and a manifest anaemia. In the case of the renal arterioles
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kindly taken me to see a number of cases of pellagra occurring in their
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an aspect of inertia, is not important to my argument, nor are these,
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