de la fifevre typhoide. Bull. Acad. my. de med. de lielg.,

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The Practical Medicine Series of Year Books, comprising Ten Volumes of

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rich were all given and bestowed on the presumption of this

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indication to a serious surgical operation, for the reason

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fresh and the dosage accurate, and if there is the least reaction

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diseases of infants to the ignorance of nurses and the tender


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The inner surface of the intestines is roughened and studded with semispheric or flat,

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originated from more centres than in the typical man of the present

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desquamated even from the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

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interesting clinical feature in this case was that, propor-

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ease ; the eruption is typical, and, more than all, it

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The most common variety of this is Acute HsBmorrhftf^c

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mometers provided with a handle, which permits them

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Webb, Arthur Robert August Wilhelm, Arnold Winkclried Williams,t John

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annoyance by its presence. The good man quietly accepted the situation,

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ized, wedge-shaped pieces; each is one inch long, half an

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method in which after all urobilinogen in an ether extract of the

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and status, he had violated his trust by nominating a

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is a i)urely pigmentary affection, involving almost exclusively the

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1-7. — Bastianelli (Ci.) & Bignami (A.) Infezione

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involve the lower half of the broad ligament, and the patients may die

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obstruction is determined by the nature of the thrombus, whether pari-

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is used externally in the same cases as veratria. M. Bazin

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who has kindly consented to join me in reporting the case.

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arteries to the remotest parts of the body." So far as it

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cale " for March 2d by Dr. George Lemoine, who puts the

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become chronic, a blister may be applied to the throat and

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and fibers affected were not destroyed is shown by the

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from its natural bed and glides more or less freely under the

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ing sickness is frequent, the breasts enlarge and are tender. The cervix

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