eye to be frequently bathed with cold water some direct cold

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though very much of his explanation of the course of

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different theories of the pathology and fetiology of the aftections

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She now drew my attention to a carious tooth on the right

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tubercle bacillus was not infrequently one of them.

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cultures of the tetanus bacillus was carefully studied by Madsen the follow

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practice arid it is not always easy notwithstanding the painful

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to open that cavity in order to completely extirpate it.

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a net of lymphatic tissue winding through all parts and though usually

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description. For a positive diagnosis either disease must

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which has a grayish somewhat translucent appearance and

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The conclusion that fly transmission is the principal

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The most successful line of treatment has been that directed to diminish the

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main clot which fills up the whole lumen of the artery is

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lets in wavy lines externally reddish brown somewhat

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Thus at its first manifestation I was able to arrest the devel

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ally this gentleman s maxims. But however plausible his

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the patient will tell whether massage is properly performed or not. If

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present case has been dressed with the posterior figure of

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tomy at the surgeon s disposal. Of these one WitzePs prevents

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ject of intestinal obstruction is one which has for

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deaths. It is obvious that careful medical selection has

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his efforts on behalf of this Association to procure uniformity in future laws

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note. Had my subjects been practiced beforehand better

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Experiment. Eight sacs made in an identical manner from the same collo

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cided to add more Paris green to the paint and make it

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future that is for the time when we must leave but as

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of three grains of quinine given preventatively to people who are

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of the greatest importance in the pathology and the

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Cases in which the albuminuria is persistent or the amount of albu

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pharynx are often severely attacked even to the extent of interfering with

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Another case of cystinuria is reported in which cystin was found

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since the advent of the Italian government the city authorities had

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Hispanic children one to four years of age and the second

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less marked degree. The patient was unable to work and the

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this will lead to. Greater things lie ahead of us.

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few examples of the external forms of dorso lumbar Neuralgia I can

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cardia due to myocarditis fatty or weak heart. It has very

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ing as a consultant to the Donald W. Reynolds Foun

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manner in which the items of the past and of the environment generally

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Merck s Bulletin is the title of a little monthly bulletin issued


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