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least six grains to the ounce ; each dose, therefore, allowing as in

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for its performance. Accordingly, on the 23d of January,

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difficulty of its removal is directly proportionate to

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border of the tumor being about two inches above the internal

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connection of all organic forms, the clearer will be our physiological views."

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vulsion, it is because it is not limited, in itself or in it* effects, to

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great benefit, in all inflammations of the lyryngeal mucous membrane. He

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vulsion ! These are facts familiar to every experienced pratitioner.

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is very difficult to effect the removal by means of forceps, unless the pla-

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"Thrice is he armed (and wheeled) that hath his quarrel just !"

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Our limits will not permit us to dwell, at length upon this impor-

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grains of extract of nux vomica, made into twelve pills, one to be taken

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sequence, and if allowed will destroy the whole advantage of

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The freezing mixture was successfully applied, and but little

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want of the use of it. In other words, the chest being con-

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while the man of experience and of reflection will at once be reminded of

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There are many cases to which the freezing mixture may be

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the honor of the medical profession. Its past history has demonstra-

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ment is introduced by first rubbing the body for half an hour with black

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of the joint is perfect, and the finger in every respect as servicable as

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10. "Plastic Operation for Repairing Inter-Palpebral Space" K. K.

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fresh waters, than of the Ocean, and consist of large tubular

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depth we may have to cut in the removal of large tumors ; but it is nearly

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Milan, a translation of which is found in the " Annales de la Societe Medi-

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in regard to foods and their preparation. The book is a highly

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(4 grs. to |i. of water) effectual in similar cases. — [Ibid.

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uterus could not be included by them, to the extent generally met

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natural function of the skin or mucous membrane the other is cor-

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Percussion of left back more resonant than over right, with respiration

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grees of heat, which rising still higher, or continuing for a length

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will be a more rigid investigation^into the remote causes of

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advanced its best interests. But, believing that this office should

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pital Dr. Barker frequently prescribes, in severe cases, the last-

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apology for a report — something that would be a credit to our citj

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humanity. It is this element, which, in the early morn of

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a year and a half, attends lectures for four or five months, reads again until

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The following Report, on the Finances of the Society, was read by the

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others. By S. L. Hardy, M. D., Examiner in Midwifery and

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of sufficient minuteness and correctness to occupy the sphere they are

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ciples of Natural Theology ; they confirm and enlarge the great and

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had even frequent seminal emissions for a long period without

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gro woman, who had been the cook for one of the largest families

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recorded of a woman who conceived at forty-six and lived until

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In such a condition of the heart's action, so perseveringly and

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mucous membrane of the rectum. M. Cruveilhier gave it parti-


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