the heart, predispose to the formation of an increased
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In addition to the cases recorded there were seven other calves
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convenient for rapid reference. Sixty-five pages are
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department, with practical demonstration of technique. Normal radio-
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and, what is more, there is nobody, however skilled, who can tell
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little chair. I have often known mothers to commence to edu-
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Phagocytes are attracted by certain chemical substances — a
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Comparing these ratios of attacked and invalided with
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and place may both make themselves felt, and sometimes the one may be evenly
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Croton tiglium 3x. — This stool has three good legs to it ; (1)
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with ether and bichloride. Sterilized instruments are to be used;
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from the weight of the head, divide the remainder by the diffe-
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(1004 b).— Idem [?j [Read 7 few J Hull. Soc. de sc. vet. de Lyon, p. 13.
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Under the auspices of the National Association for the Study and
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outset. In some cases it has been observed that the knee-jerks were
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A nick was then made at each quarter, a uterine dilator
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As to the question of relapse, all he could say was that hitherto
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at the time the exposures are made. In addition to this it is well to
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But when here what has the invalid or the wearied person for
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ous action of the microbic poison, but the protracted and excessive thermo-
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the opinion that the uterus is decidedly more frequently the seat of
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exposed to an exciting cause ; and, indeed, frequently where none
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on the subject of •'Report of Case of Recurring Multiple
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chia was offensive, (though the vagina on the first ap-
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man to man without any intermediate link. As a variation of the Con-


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